Happy New Years!

2016 is finally here! Happy New Year everyone!!

The 2015 photography is currently in the works for new images from 2015.

2016 gallery for photography will be up in the next few days for the new year.

Plans for the new year is photography! Not going to go into detail but just know it’s photography!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays or if you are like me, Merry Christmas!

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November 13th 2015

It saddens me for what has happen in Paris, France. Words failing but one thing clearly is Prayers for Paris!

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Updates about 365 project!

Hello there – Susan here!

I haven’t updated my blog in a while due to how life likes to take the front seat. It’s okay; because it’s helped me regroup on the project. The project itself is on hold til 2016 where I am able to give it more thought, and better time management.

As for other hiccups I’ve had well is loss of images on a memory card and trying to find the right software to recover. I found it and after realizing that my notebook has a generic SD memory card reader I had to go out and purchase a reader in order for the software to read the card itself.

Now that in a nut shell was explained less than three minutes the process it took me was a few days… So needless to say I keep everything I need within reach!

And lastly a update on my certification, I am still working on it! Little progress but not much. I hope to have the exam completed soon! As for my portfolio it’s lacking! So any help would be greatly appreciated!

Now we have stepped into August! Wow, time has flown… Before we know it Winter will be here and 2016 will be upon us! I know don’t rush it! Let’s enjoy the rest of the summer!

Until later!

Susan Xxx

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Day 10 of 365 Photo Project Challenge

Day 10

So far I am on track, just finished my day 10 challenge. I am picking things random that’s around me; random items. Some images will not be apart of the project and that’s okay, I like taking more than one image so I have a few more items to pick from.

Everything so far I have done has been pre-planed because of my schedule. And I think that’s working out well. Nothing else has happen to cause me to stop unlike my Day 6!

I am currently backing up everything I’ve done since Day 6, it’s easier than having to wait by the ending of the month and in that process having another issue happen with loosing something. I rather not go through what I’ve already gone though and spend time that I don’t have to recover loss images. If I can avoid that then we are good!

Anyway this is just a small update like I said I would be doing for everyone. I’ve been thinking about doing a teaser but I decided the best thing to do is wait it out til the ending of the month.

Thanks for stopping by… and please keep checking back for updates and progress on everything… until my next update, ciao!

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