Day 10 of 365 Photo Project Challenge

Day 10

So far I am on track, just finished my day 10 challenge. I am picking things random that’s around me; random items. Some images will not be apart of the project and that’s okay, I like taking more than one image so I have a few more items to pick from.

Everything so far I have done has been pre-planed because of my schedule. And I think that’s working out well. Nothing else has happen to cause me to stop unlike my Day 6!

I am currently backing up everything I’ve done since Day 6, it’s easier than having to wait by the ending of the month and in that process having another issue happen with loosing something. I rather not go through what I’ve already gone though and spend time that I don’t have to recover loss images. If I can avoid that then we are good!

Anyway this is just a small update like I said I would be doing for everyone. I’ve been thinking about doing a teaser but I decided the best thing to do is wait it out til the ending of the month.

Thanks for stopping by… and please keep checking back for updates and progress on everything… until my next update, ciao!

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Day 6 and some hiccups!

It’s Day 6 and so far things were going well until Day 5. I was using my iPad mini and my SD converter wasn’t loading… so after researching online I find out that the ios 8 software on the iPad mini isn’t going to allow the converter to work on the ipad. And so I realized that this is going to be a issue.

Issue turned into a lesson too… which is a good thing.

After finding the software issue, I realized I do not own any Mac computers, otherwise this wouldn’t have been any issue at all. What I had to do was reformat my memory card, then I removed the memory card and spent over 6 hours looking online for software that is free to use which means doesn’t cost me a dime to use and to recover my images for free. I didn’t find one… after getting frusterated with downloading so many software programs I realized that my main computer that’s Win XP… MIGHT which is a big MIGHT have software in the computer because I’ve had to recover images a few years ago. Low and behold I found the software and recovered all of my images from Longwood Gardens, the Sunset I had done back in September and 5 days of my project.

The lesson I have learned is this… back up once you are done with the photoshoot!

Other than that little hiccup, I am still on track with images. I already have a plan for the 7th day of my 365 Photo Project…

I will keep everyone updated like I said… so keep checking back! Thanks in advance for joining me on this journey!

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365 Photography Project for 2015!

Happy New Year everyone…

A few days ago I had said I had an announcement for 2015 a plan that I was putting together to show case what I can do and at the same time challenge myself as a photographer.

A few days ago I was at a lost with what to do for 2015, had no idea what to bring to the table for my craft. Actually the only thing I plan on was to take my certifcation and going from there. I thought what else could I do to improve on my skill besides my normal trips to Longwood Gardens… I realized a everyday project could work. So my project is going to take me doing a photo every day, maybe more than one a day but has to be at least one a day.

I was going to include my iphone with taking images with besides my main camera, after asking the professionals what I felt was right I decided it has to solely be with my Nikon, no other camera.

Each day a image will be captured, by the end of the month I will do my best to post the images in the gallery from the month prior. That means in February I will be posting the images I have done in January.

I will be updating you all with my progress through the month seeing if I am actually staying on top of my project or not. So please keep an eye on my website for news and insight on this project.

On a side note before I sat down to type this I already did my first image of the year and first image of the project. I will tell you what it is, the image is of my plan looking like I’m teasing you.

I hope everyone joins me on this project from start that is Jan 1 2015 to Dec 31 2015! I thank you in advance and I hope you will join me…

Have a Happy and Save New Years!


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2014 Photos are up!

Please take a moment and check out the 2014 Collection in Photography. This whole year I had thought it has been up. Now it is.

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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

I’m late but at the same time I am early!

2015 is gonna be a big year with a lot going on photography wise. A plan is brewing and all I will say is you must stay tuned the reveal will between Dec 31st/Jan1st! So keep your eyes pealed!

At the moment I am still studying my guide to become a CPP! I am hoping to have this completed by the Spring and into early Summer if the photography god lets me!

Wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year! 2015 is going to be awesome!!

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